Femphile July Round Up

 Hello to all!  This month has been insanely hectic for me;  between finding a new house, a new job and attempting to keep up somewhat of a social life I haven’t had much time for blog posts!

I’ve compiled some articles that I’ve been reading in my limited spare time for this months roundup – the everyday feminsim article on how to be a good trans ally has been my absolute favourite thing I’ve read all month, so I highly recommend you read, share, tweet it as much as you can!

As I moved house last weekend, I have yet to enter the 21st century but have been assured that the internet-person will come and grant me the gift of WiFi next week. In the meantime, though, I’ll be on a short hiatus. Although with no internet to distract me, I might get round to watching some films on my watch-list and write some reviews.

 Anyway, here’s my July Roundup!

Is Your Trans Allyship Half-Baked? Here Are 6 Mistakes That Trans Allies Are Still Making
Sam Dylan Finch / EveryDay Feminism

Five Reasons To Celebrate Male Objectification in Magic Mike XXL
Sophie Monks Kaufman / Little White Lies

Everything I Know About Beauty, I Learnt From Being Ugly
Sharon Lynn Pruitt / Skirt Collective

I, Racist
John Metta / Huffington Post

Rachel Dolezal’s True Lies
Allison Samuels / Vanity Fair

Why Won’t ‘Orange is the New Black’ Acknowledge That Bisexuals Exist?
Anna Pulley / Buzzfeed

Let’s Bury The Term ‘Bond Girl’
David Jenkins / Little White Lies

Amnesty International Says Prostitution is a Human Right – But It’s Wrong
Jessica Neuwirth / The Guardian

The Feminist’s Box Office Call of Duty
Robin Hitchcock / Bitch Flicks

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