Femphile Round-up: September 2015

Hello again, it’s that time! Roundups!

September has been an interesting month. We saw Viola Davis win an Emmy for her role in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and become the first black woman to win the award for Best Actress in a TV Series. Her speech was incredible, you can see it here, and we also saw some backlash to her discussion of diversity in the form of white-feminism-personified Nancy Grahn. Like, who is she anyway? Fortunately, Grahn’s ridiculous tweets were written off as…well ridiculous and we could all focus on congratulating Davis for her well deserved win. This was also the very same month in which Matt Damon attempted to explain diversity in the film industry to Effie Brown – an incredibly successful black female producer. Sit down, Matt.

Personally, this month I’ve been reading Laura Bates ‘Everyday Sexism’ book – bought for me by some fabulous friends as a birthday present. It’s a phenomenal, and terrifying at the same time but well worth a read. For me, it defines 21st century feminism, and coincides as a handy book you can throw at someone when they ask you why we still need feminism.

In other, slightly exciting news, I have also joined Film Inquiry (a great website, packed with fantastic articles and posts) as a regular contributor which means that I haven’t managed to post on my own personal blog as much. I’ll still be linking content I write at Film Inquiry to Femphile, so there will be no missing out!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading this month!

10 Ways You Can Tell If You’re a Feminazi 
Laura Bates / Guardian

Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Film-Maker To Explain Diversity To Her
Kara Brown / Jezabel

Emily Blunt Tells Stephen Colbert Exactly How Sexism Works in Hollywood on ‘The Late Show’

Kevin O’Keefe / Mic

Amber Rose Takes Us On A Dystopian “Walk of No Shame”

Maya Dusenberry / Feministing

Nicki Minaj, White Feminism, And Miley Cyrus’ Continual, Unchecked Theft of Black Culture
Michelle Wilson / Skirt Collective

SASS Intimate Skinwear: Whatever You Do, Don’t Say Vagina

Jade Moulds / The F Word UK

Sometimes Friend Culling Is Necessary

Kate MacCarthy / Femsplain

I’m Tired of Being Kind to Creepy Men In Order To Stay Safe

Daisy Buchanan / Guardian

To Boldly Go: ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Explores the Limits of Sexual Attraction in “The Host”

Swoozy C / Bitch Flicks

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