This year, I’m taking on 2 new challenges. As well as the whole ‘eat-better, exercise more’ stuff that I say every single and never stick to, this year I’m taking on the 52 books in a year, and the 52 films by women challenges. 

I already know that I won’t keep to the book challenge, so my sub challenge is 25. That’s about 1 book every two weeks… which for me is far more reasonable.

The more interesting, and arguably harder challenge will be the 52 Films By Women. It’s been going for a few years now and this year I am committing 100%. I work in the film industry, I write about films and I claim to be a feminist so this really shouldn’t be something I even need to think about. It’s my duty to support women in the industry. The only issue I’ve been having so far is finding the films. I’ll log on to netflix/amazon or whatever and go to watch a film and then realise it’s directed by a man. Of course, I can watch male directed films too, but there is often time in my week to watch more than one film – so it makes sense to watch one by a woman.

So this is the problem, and also indicates very nicely why #52filmsbywomen is so very needed. I am only in February and I am already finding myself wondering what I am going to watch next week.

So if you’re doing the challenge too, or just want to watch some cracking films by women, I’ve compiled a short list of places you can find these films. It’s going to be a great resource for myself throughout this year, and you too I hope!

Female Directors Pick Their Favourite Films Made by Women

A Year With Women: What I Learnt Only Watching Films Directed by Women in 2015

100 Great Movies by Women – Little White Lies 

Women Direct Trailers YouTube Channel

20 Female Directed Films on Netflix (US) – Decider


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