Hiatus + Recs (November 2016)

Hello readers!

So I am going to be taking a short hiatus from the blog as I am going travelling for a month! I am desperately trying to line up some posts for scheduling while I am away but in the (very) likely event that this doesn’t happen, the next time I post will probably be December!

In the meantime, to keep things ticking over, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite books/tv shows/films and articles that I have been reading, watching and consuming recently. Enjoy!


BOATING FOR BEGINNERS / Jeanette Winterson

A re-telling of various parts of the bible, Noah is a small business owner who rents out rowing boats. Truly funny, original and very feminist. If Monty Python is your thing, read this book.


WHITE TEETH / Zadie Smith

Maybe I enjoyed this book so much because I am very familiar with the London locations, but I loved ‘White Teeth’. It’s slightly melodramatic, reminiscent of a soap opera but orchestrated by academics… I couldn’t put it down.


THE BOOK OF HYGGE / Louisa Thomsen Brits

Hygge – the latest trend to hit London, all the way from Denmark. Don’t let the hipsters put you off though! Hygge is so much more than getting cosy with blankets and candles, it’s about having meaningful moments with friends, enjoying good wine and finding small things that bring you happiness. This is a great book and a super easy read.


SURFACING / Margaret Atwood

Maybe I am biased but Margaret Atwood just cannot to a thing wrong. ‘Surfacing’ is an emotional journey into the psyche of the protagonists mind whilst also exploring the connection that we humans have to nature. Very deep.



This book has actually changed my life. Orbach explores the stigma of the word fat, compulsive eating and how food is intrinsically linked to the security/insecurity of a many women.


(a mix of recent releases and new to me films that I’ve watched recently)


Amanda Knox (Rod Blackhurst, Brian McGinn, 2016)

Interesting documentary on the infamous trial(s) of Amanda Knox. Despite obvious bias, it succeeds in questioning the conduct of the police, courts and more so, the “journalists” who reported on the case. 4/5 stars


Mascots (Christopher Guest, 2016)

New Netflix comedy, whilst delivers a few laugh doesn’t really ever get going. The mascot from Croydon is the best one. 2/5 stars


My Scientology Movie (Louis Theroux, 2016)

Lighthearted and very entertaining. Less about Scientology and more about the difficulty in making a documentary about it. Fans of Louis Theroux will love it. 3/5 stars


Into The Wild (Sean Penn, 2007)

Beautifully shot, phenomenal scenery and a fantastic performance from Emilie Hirsch. Questionable protagonist, but asks some pretty huge  and important questions without preaching.


Movern Callar (Lynne Ramsay, 2002)

You know that feeling that your life was somehow incomplete before you watched a film? Yeah, this is one of those for me. Incredible, beautiful and possibly (?) my new favourite film ever?

TV Shows


Black Mirror

Read my full review of season 3 here!


Star Trek: Voyager

So I’ve been re-watching Voyager from the beginning and (despite a very slow start) I forgot how bloody great it is! Amazing female characters, engaging plots and graphics that are marginally better than either TOS or Next Generation. Winner.



So, here’s the thing. Limmy is pretty much the funniest person ever and if you aren’t watching his sketch show on Netflix, you are doing something wrong.


Gotham Season 2

Season 2 of Gotham starts strong but becomes a bit repetitive towards the second half. It also manages to lose most of it’s female characters (though just wait for the series finale…)


Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I wasn’t mad keen on ‘Crazyy Ex Girlfriend’ and though I am still not sure I entirely understand what it’s trying to do, I am very much up for the journey.


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