Welcome to the trash-pop-culture-rant-publication that is Femphile.

My name is Becky and I began Femphile after realising that most of my friends were getting tired of my endless ranting about representation in film and tv. I remembered that the internet was a thing, and voila! Here we are today. Femphile has been going for a few years, and we like to focus on representation, diversity and everything in between. We do tend to gravitate towards sci-fi, but we review anything and everything – books, tv, film.


About Becky

First things first, I’m really short.

I also write for a few other online publications (in between holding down a job in documentary distribution, having a social life, watching re-runs of The X Files and wondering exactly where I am going in life). You can find some of my writing here at Bitch Flicks, here at Feministing and here¬†at Film Inquiry. My goal in life is to be Gina from Brooklyn 99. I already have a wolf t-shirt so I’m getting there.

To get in touch about anything at all (including guest posts!) please do email me here: beckylkukla@gmail.com.

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