What do you get if cross a feminist and a cinephile? Femphile!

Whilst we at Femphile are not so great at jokes, we are super keen on all things movie, tv, book and media related. Most importantly though how representation, diversity and everything in between intersect with popular culture. After realising that I spent most of my spare time ranting about the lack of women onscreen, I decided to create Femphile as a place to blow off some of that steam.

2 years later, Femphile is still going strong. I, Becky, do most of the graft by myself but am always looking for feminists to collaborate with, to publish and to discuss new work with. So if that’s you – then please do get in touch: beckylkukla@gmail.com !

If you enjoy Femphile’s content, or are just feeling generous then our paypal isĀ here. All donations help to keep us going!