Prevenge: Motherhood & Murder Have Never Looked So Good

Kids are notorious for always demanding things. Sweets, chocolate, toys, fizzy drinks, revenge for their father’s murder… Well, the last one may not happen all too often, but it is the very dark and disturbing premise of Alice Lowe’s first feature film Prevenge. What makes even more disturbing, is that her child hasn’t actually left the womb yet.


Read the rest of the review here at Film Inquiry! Spoiler alert, it’s fucking brilliant.

As I Open My Eyes: Not Your ‘Average’ Coming of Age Film

Farah, a curious and bright eyed eighteen year old on the cliff edge of adulthood, wants to be a singer. Her mother, worldweary Hayett, wants her to study and become a doctor. Whilst the two of them battle it out in an age old story between mother and daughter, the country they love is being ripped apart around them. As I Open My Eyes paints a portrait of Tunisia, months before the Arab Spring, and Farah’s love of singing could lead her into places that she doesn’t want to go…


Read my full review of Leyla Bouzid’s fantastic film here at Film Inquiry.


Parched (Leena Yadav, 2016): Feminism, Friendship & Freedom

In the beautiful desert landscape of Gujarat, India, director Leena Yadav introduces us to a world of friendship, suffering and heartbreak within a story of four women, trying their best to overcome their individual struggles.

Parched explores the ideas of tradition, culture and misogyny in the heart of rural India but with a compelling characters and strong friendships that feel universal to us all.


Read my full review of Yadav’s masterpiece at Film Inquiry.

Gender at War: Women on the Frontline

Recently, there has been an increase in the ‘action woman’ – the women on the frontline of modern warfare. Sicario, Camp X-Ray, Lioness all tell a new story – a story where women are fighting for something bigger than before.

Films that feature women on the frontline tend to say a lot more about the state of warfare, how justifiable it is and critique the nature of war as a whole. This is part 1 of a 2 part series for Film Inquiry where I am looking into the portrayal of women in war zones.

Part One click here!

Part Two click here!

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The Falling: Being a Teenage Girl Sucks

1. Do you want to watch a film that deals with the inherent emotional and physical issues of being a teenage girl, suppression of emotion, feminism and female friendship whilst simultaneously channeling David Lynch, Nicholas Roeg and Carrie in terms of aesthetic, atmosphere and creepiness. Continue reading “The Falling: Being a Teenage Girl Sucks”

The Future of Womankind: Beyond Ellen Ripley

Come back Ripley, all is forgiven!

A few weeks ago I began to wonder why sci-fi has been treating women so badly recently.. so I wrote about it here  for Film Inquiry…  Continue reading “The Future of Womankind: Beyond Ellen Ripley”

Suffragette: A Bold and Gritty Part of History

I took my Mum to see Sarah Gavron’s new film ‘Suffragette’.  It’s been one of the most anticipated and talked about films of the year… not to mention involved with some of the most infamous controversies (yeah…. those t-shirts). Here’s what I thought about it, over at Film Inquiry.. Continue reading “Suffragette: A Bold and Gritty Part of History”