The Female Anti-Hero & White Male Privilege in Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This part-review-part-analysis of Netflix’s new original series Jessica Jones is going to sound very similar to many other reviews out there right now. It’s basically fucking amazing.

Hot Girls Wanted (Jill Bauer & Ronna Gradus, 2015): Interesting, but Nothing New

There is one message ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ is trying to push and it is this; Porn can be exploitative. It’s surprising, in the age of the ever-growing internet, that we need to be reminded of this but I suppose there must be at least one person who is unaware of how manipulative and exploitative the […]

‘Ex Machina’: Do Fembots Dream of Electric Sheep

Cinema is obsessed with the idea of AI. The idea of a being which is almost human, but not quite, has been explored in films countless times. Maybe it’s a comment on how well the image of AI translates from script to screen, or maybe it’s to do with humanity’s obsession with playing God. There is […]