Michaela Coel, the mastermind behind one of the UK’s funniest TV shows right now, openly confesses that she really enjoys making people uncomfortable . Well, the truth is that she is extremely good at it. Chewing Gum, as well as being disgustingly funny and refreshingly honest, has moments that made me cringe so much I […]

Parched (Leena Yadav, 2016): Feminism, Friendship & Freedom

In the beautiful desert landscape of Gujarat, India, director Leena Yadav introduces us to a world of friendship, suffering and heartbreak within a story of four women, trying their best to overcome their individual struggles. Parched explores the ideas of tradition, culture and misogyny in the heart of rural India but with a compelling characters and strong friendships […]

True Stories: Top 5 Louis Theroux Documentaries

Louis Theroux, in my opinion, is the U.K.’s greatest gift to the world. He is a national treasure, and a truly great representative of us Brits. Louis Theroux is, currently, probably the most well renowned documentary filmmaker in the U.K, and famous for his realistic investigative approach to his subjects.