The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – Lazy Stereotyping Undermines Original Storytelling

Fresh from the festival circuit, the Coen Brothers latest instalment has landed. It’s being lauded as a masterpiece, the brothers’ greatest work (clearly untrue, Fargo is their only film that can righteously claim that title) and is sure to snap up a few wins come awards season, even though it was released via Netflix (enemy of cinema-goers […]

On Watching 2 Seasons of ‘Transparent’ in 5 Days

Last weekend, I spent five hours binge-watching the first season of Transparent. I then spent every waking hour (when I wasn’t out watching The Revenant, more fool me) of this past week watching the second season. My PB for binge-watching has been broken. Two seasons in less than a week. That is going on my […]

7 Reasons to be Head Over Heels In Love with Brooklyn 99

‘Brooklyn 99’ is the beautiful second child of Parks & Recreation showrunner Mike Schur. It’s now in it’s third season and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down (thank god).