As I Open My Eyes: Not Your ‘Average’ Coming of Age Film

Farah, a curious and bright eyed eighteen year old on the cliff edge of adulthood, wants to be a singer. Her mother, worldweary Hayett, wants her to study and become a doctor. Whilst the two of them battle it out in an age old story between mother and daughter, the country they love is being […]

Snowpiercer (Bong Joon-ho, 2014): A Dystopian Future in Motion

I didn’t expect a lot from Snowpiercer. In all fairness, I knew very little about it before I watched it, other than my best friend insisting I watched it because ‘Tilda Swinton oh my god…’ This friend and I differ hugely in our tastes regarding films, so I automatically assumed that Snowpiercer would not be […]