The Female Anti-Hero & White Male Privilege in Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This part-review-part-analysis of Netflix’s new original series Jessica Jones is going to sound very similar to many other reviews out there right now. It’s basically fucking amazing.

Are You Here (Matthew Weiner, 2013): Bland, Boring and Unoriginal

A sentimental comedy, driven by a white male who utilizes his relationships with various women and his mentally ill best friend to achieve a deeper understanding of his own life. I could be describing any number of features which Hollywood spews out every couple of months (usually having something to do with the god-awful human […]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Don’t Let the Man Get You Down

Ever since Parks & Rec announced that the seventh season would be the last, I have been wildly searching for something to replace the Pawnee shaped hole in my heart. I began re-watching 30 Rock again, almost as an act of denial. If I could just keep watching either Amy or Tina on repeat  for the rest […]